The Untold Truth: Nikola Mirotic

Nikola Mirotic and the Barcelona Basketball Club are progressively getting closer to uniting, with the latest reports suggesting a return to the Euroleague is destined.

No stranger to success in the NBA, Mirotic was surely peaking the interest of countless franchises all throughout the league. Given this, Mirotics’ surprise move necessitates the question of, why?

Why Would Mirotic Leave?

  • The NBA season can be a grueling journey, even for the most distinguished of players. Thanks to a slue of injuries, Mirotic only appeared in one hundred one contests over the past two seasons.
  • As a native of Spain, Mirotic has taken interest in the development of basketball in his home country.
  • Standing tall as Barcelona’s headliner, Mirotic will see his playing time and production ascend.
  • Having tasted life in the NBA, Mirotic will return overseas with an unmatched understanding of the game.
  • It’s common for players to forfeit money, if it means improving their legacy.

Will Mirotic Ever Return?

  • As is the case for Andrew Bogut of the NBL, Mirotic has the option to redeploy to America for postseason action.
  • On account that missing from Mirotics’ collection of accolades is an NBA championship, I foresee the Spaniard reuniting with a contending team come June.

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